Quantum Membership Program

Shifts Happen

Join Melanie and a Global Soul Tribe weekly to shift from limited 3D constraints and trauma, to 5D and beyond Thriving realities.
Access and integrate Quantum Light Codes to ascend into the life you were born to live.

Quantum Healing Programs

Speedy Shifts Healing Program

Discover how decades of trauma and false programming, about any issue in your life, can be released and reprogrammed within minutes. Tune your body to be a Quantum Processor to release trauma and replace it with Light Codes, fast and organically.

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program

Free yourself, heal, and become empowered after suffering abuse from any individual in your life. Learn how to survive and Thrive after even the most toxic and painful relationship traumas. (Includes Speedy Shift updates.)

Transforming Family of Origin Wounds

Discover how to heal the trauma that was your family legacy, for yourself and your future generations.
Balance your female and male energies within yourself and improve these relationships in all areas of your life.

Empowered Self Course

This powerful journalling and inner healing course, allows you to break free from previous limits and move forward into your heart’s desires. There are specific Modules for healing from co-dependency and establishing healthy and effective boundary functions.

Quantum Mini-Courses

Manifesting Financial Prosperity

Includes a 4-hour workshop, comprehensive workbook, and Quanta Freedom Group Healing. Release the financial inner limits and blocks that have not as yet allowed prosperity to flow into your life.

Freedom From Relationship Trauma and Toxic People

Includes a 4-hour workshop, a comprehensive workbook, and Quanta Freedom Group Healing. Take a deep dive into the Quantum reasons why toxic relationships are formed, how they have affected you, and how to heal from them.

Healing Holiday Heartbreak

Includes a 4-hour workshop, a comprehensive workbook, and Quanta Freedom Group Healing.
Learn how to go free from heartbreak, hoovers, and abusive or painful behaviour at special events and holiday times. This is a powerful mini-course for learning boundaries

Manifesting 5D Love Relationships

Includes the presentation and Quanta Freedom Group Healing
Learn how to recognise, release and reprogram your Inner Love Codes that have been blocking you from love success. Unleash the manifestation of your Source-filled soul mate and soul tribe.

Healing Guide and Planner

66 Day Planner. 
Be supported with structure and organisation as you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially heal. Learn how, and in what order to, declutter your home, engage in healthy eating, exercise, and healing, set boundaries, organise your finances and so much more. This is the perfect companion for your chosen Quanta Freedom Healing Journey.

Personal Sessions with Melanie

Quanta Freedom Healing™ 1-on-1 session

Duration – 1 hour

Melanie will be working with you, with the use of Speedy Shifts and intuition to dismantle and heal core issues that have been holding you back in any area of your Life.

The areas of your life that Quanta Freedom Healing™ can work on are unlimited and include love, family, prosperity, success and health.

Contact support@melanietoniaevans.com for more details

Soul Map 1-on-1 session

Duration 45 minutes

The Soul Map Reading uses karmic numerology along with Melanie's Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience to pick up on your Soul’s Path and Mission, as well as identify your karmic blocks and challenges.

After discussing key components of your life mission, Melanie will work with Quanta Freedom Healing™ to clear your karmic conditions, to align you with your soul’s desires and missions.

Contact support@melanietoniaevans.com for more details
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